What To Do After A Storm


The Husker Storm Damage Solution

The insurance claim process can be a real headache for the insured. Your most prized asset has been damaged by sever weather and now you have a million different questions circling through your head. With Husker Window Solutions we have simplified this process to assisted the insured to have a safe and headache free experience.  From the initial inspection to the final completion of the project Husker Window Solutions will be there with you every step of the way.

Complimentary Inspection and Consultation

Husker Window Solutions provides homeowners with a free no obligation home inspection. The inspections are inspected by experienced project managers that are highly educated and decorated in storm damage assessment. If no damage is found on the home we will happily notify the homeowner that the property is in good standing. If damage is located we will present our findings and may recommend that a claim is initiated. 

Filing a Claim - Claim Process

All insurance claim must be initiated by the insured personally. Husker Window Solutions can assist with this process by providing some of the required information. Your insurance company will ask you what date the storm occurred, they may also ask what kind of storm it was. (Hail, Wind, Tornado, Etc.) Once you have filed the insurance claim they will issue a claim number. This number will be the point of reference for any communication with the insurance company throughout the duration of the claim process. Once you have received this number please forward it to your Husker representative. After the initial call to your insurance carrier Husker Window Solutions will now be able to communicate with them on your behalf directly. We believe communication is the key to making this a professional and efficient process. We like to work with your insurance companies and not against them. Husker will be present at the initial adjustment to meet with your insurance adjustment. This way we can better explain all the detail and the language of the insurance report. We will handle the entire insurance claim process until your completely satisfied with the results. You are under no obligation to use our company until there are services are rendered. Husker Window Solutions likes nothing more than to build relationships with our customers through the claim process to build trust and security to ensure our clients a safe experience. 

Time to Build

Once your claim has been approved to your satisfaction its time to start putting the pieces back together. This is where we get together and go over everything in your insurance loss summary in complete detail. Hail can damage many components of the home whether that be your Roof, Windows, Siding, Etc. Husker Window Solutions is going to provide you with all the necessary materials and information to pick out the right products for your home! We want your home to be happy again so we will do whatever it takes to provide our clients with what they need. With Window Restorations a showroom visit is usually what we do, that way our customers can really get a feel and touch of the product that will be installed on their home. With Roofing and Siding it’s a lot simpler our project managers can bring all kinds of field samples right to your home! You can match your existing colors or we can do a total makeover! 

This is the time where a contract for services rendered would have to be signed. At this point we hope that we have earned your trust and your business!! Both of which are of great value to Husker Window Solutions! 

The Husker Window Solutions Guarantee

When all trades are completed your Husker project manager will meet with you to do a final walkthrough to ensure all your needs have been met. What’s the Husker Guarantee? You do not have to pay us until you are 100% satisfied. Construction is an imperfect science and we understand that at Husker. To ensure you have chosen wisely we want to make sure our customers are really the ones in charge of their home restoration project. Husker Window Solutions intentions is use our abilities to make it a professional, quality, and safe experience.

Lets Restore Your Homes and Your Peace of Mind……To the Good Life…… 

We are Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Husker Window Solutions is a Licensed, Insured, and Bonded General Contractor in the State of Nebraska. We are in no way claiming to be adjusters or public adjusters. Our education comes experience working on claims and time spent in the classroom.