About Us


Husker Window Solutions is located in Omaha and services the entire State of Nebraska. Husker is locally owned and operated by Lincoln Native Jason Kot. Jason has been working in the storm damage restoration industry for over 10 years. Highly educated in storm damaged windows Jason wanted to take what he learned over the years and provide a professional and modern approach to the storm damage industry in Nebraska. 

Husker Window Solutions is not just a Window Company.  We also have Roofing Systems Specialist on staff.  

With over 20 years’ experience in restoring storm damaged homes and assisting homeowners with their insurance claims we have noticed a major problem in our industry! The storms come through and they damage the roofing systems and the siding systems. The company’s storm through as well looking to build those projects and move on to the next storm. The most major component of the home has been damaged and overlooked. Windows are the most important component of the home that can be damaged by hail. They instantly compromise the way windows are supposed to do their job on keeping your heating and cooling bills at a lower cost. At Husker Window Solutions we handle every detail of your claim. We are a full scale general contractor and are more then happy to restore your roof and siding projects too! 

Many of our customers have already had their roofs replaced when we notified them that they might have window damage. We have found many people that are in this same position. That is how we became Husker Window Solutions! 

With over 20 years assisting homeowners with insurance claims. We have found that communication, transparency, and personal touch make for the best results.